Mini Cooper — Painted Dash with a Twist

queen mini-paint10 I took it to the Bosch Service center in Kössen, Austria that actually specializes in Mini Coopers. That’s great for me, it is less than ten miles from where I live. (The photo at the top of my blog was taken in Kössen.) They also happen to have a good paint shop, so I decided to go ahead and get my gray/silver plastic interior trim painted in metallic laser blue. On the dash the inserts were previously brushed aluminum, so on Ebay I found some used black inserts and had them painted — I’ve still got the original brushed aluminum if anyone is interested in them.

While I was waiting to get my Mini back, I was checking out some interior accessories, and happened upon these headrests and doorpull and glovebox opener coversMini paint12 Mini paint8
I found the covers and headrests here @ GoBadges, but because I live in Europe I ordered them from their distributor here:  dress4mini

The quality is excellent and they arrived very well packed and in perfect condition.

The headrests are almost identical to the checkerboard on my rear view mirror cover.

mini paint2

Here are a few more shots.
Mini paint11

Mini paint9

Mini paint7

mini paint6

mini paint5

Mini paint4

mini paint1

blk DSC_0078
Mini paint10


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