When Artists Own Minis

A Mini Cooper brings out the individualist in many owners, but when the owner happens to be a talented graphic artist, an automobile that starts out like this

becomes this

A native of Vermont, Robert McClintock’s artwork captures the “feel” of a number of the world’s most beautiful cities:  South Beach, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Cape Cod, Philadelphia, Venice, Italy, and of course his adopted hometown of Baltimore.  He’s also well known for his remarkable portraits of dogs and cats.

The idea of wrapping a car with his artwork to promote his gallery germinated for years, but he waited until he and his wife bought a Mini Cooper.  Minis tend to be attention grabbers anyway, but when they look like this

they are transformed into head-turners.  The colors are so warm and beautiful (double click the image to see a full page HD view) and the the vinyl specialists @ Signs Now Baltimore did a fantastic job.

Something tells me this won’t be Robert’s last Mini wrap, I’m looking forward to his next idea!  Check out his artwork on his website, and if you’re in Maryland you might see his MIni parked outside his gallery @ 1809 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD


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