Scratch Repair

I had a nasty scratch on my back bumper and used a Sonax anti-scratch kit.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the scratch before I used the Sonax kit. After I finished there was still quite a scratch, however, I didn’t want to repeat the process because of possible damage to the paint.  This photo was taken after using the Sonax kit (it did help.)

Because of the excellent results I had with Dr. Wack’s wax,  I decided to try their scratch repair product.

As I’ve come to expect with Dr. Wack products, it was very easy to use — simply wet the sponge, apply some polish and rub it for a couple of minutes, then polish the area with the white cloth.  Although it didn’t completely eliminate the scratch, it did improve the appearance.  Below is the after photo.

This isn’t meant to be a comparison of Sonax and Dr. Wack, to do that fairly I would have needed to treat one half of the scratch with Sonax and the other with Dr. Wack.  Both products helped, however, don’t expect miracles on deep scratches — these products aren’t intended to eliminate deep scratches like this.


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