Finding Your Auto Wax

Waxed two months earlier with Dr. Wack A1, washed three days earlier.

Right after I got my Clubman I did a lot of reading and searching about which wax to use.  I narrowed it down to three products (RS 1000 Glanz Wachs, Sonax Extreme Brilliant, and Dr. Wack A1 Speed Wax 3.)

I finally decided on Dr. Wack A1 Speed Wax 3, and I’m extremely satisfied with the results.  Moreover, what I especially value is the ease of use.  All you do is wash and dry your car, apply a thin coat of wax (not in direct sunlight), wait for it to dry, about 5 minutes, and gently rub with a clean cloth.

Polish contains a light abrasive and will improve your car’s finish and help to restore the original color if your paint has a weathered appearance.  Because my paint was in excellent condition, I’ve never polished my car.  The three wax products listed above don’t have abrasives, the nano particles help to eliminate the weathered look.

Here is my rough translation of an independent lab’s evaluation:

Click to enlarge


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