Mini Cooper — Painted Dash with a Twist

queen mini-paint10 I took it to the Bosch Service center in Kössen, Austria that actually specializes in Mini Coopers. That’s great for me, it is less than ten miles from where I live. (The photo at the top of my blog was taken in Kössen.) They also happen to have a good paint shop, so I decided to go ahead and get my gray/silver plastic interior trim painted in metallic laser blue. On the dash the inserts were previously brushed aluminum, so on Ebay I found some used black inserts and had them painted — I’ve still got the original brushed aluminum if anyone is interested in them.

While I was waiting to get my Mini back, I was checking out some interior accessories, and happened upon these headrests and doorpull and glovebox opener covers (more…)


Great Online Shop for Tires in Germany

So I needed new summer tires for my Clubman, and for my particular rims the run-flat tires are very expensive.  After a lot of searching I decided to buy them from FairTyre.

Yesterday afternoon I sent them an email with a question about the tires and within a few minutes I got a quick courteous reply.  So I ordered them around 3:30 (15:00) in the afternoon and the next morning at 9:30 they were delivered.  I call that amazing service at an excellent price.

Until now I’ve had Conti SSRs, so in a year or so I’ll let you know how the Hankooks compare.

Door Trim Wrapping

When I had my exterior black plastic trim painted, I held back on getting my interior trim done. Later I decided to get that gone too and went in for a quote. Whoa! over $500 at current exchange rates. Granted there is some time consuming work to remove the trim and to prep it for painting, but for that little bit of painting, I decided against doing it. (more…)

Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount

I bought a suction cup camera mount from Amazon and this was my first test. It was very easy to set up and worked surprisingly well. I have a cheap little camcoder that I rarely use, so this gave me an excuse to dig it out of the closet and charge it up. (more…)

Goodbye Black Plastic Trim!!!






My Mini Clubman Sport is a great car, but there are a few things I’d like to change. The black vinyl trim along the base of the car is one in particular that has always bothered me. If you don’t take care of it, weathering will give it a dull gray appearance. (more…)

New Sport – Mini Sailing

Express Yourself with Vinyl

Finding Your Oil

Of course the thing you need to ensure is that your oil is approved by BMW/Mini, look for BMW Longlife-04 approved oils.  Check to make sure the oil is approved for your country/region.

Remember, less friction means less heat and wear on your engine.  Your oil is one of the most important things you can do to keep your Mini running properly.

After a lot of searching this is the oil I decided to use here in Germany (it is said that the BMW/Mini oil is actually produced by Castrol — I’ve read that often, but don’t know if it’s true.)


When Artists Own Minis

A Mini Cooper brings out the individualist in many owners, but when the owner happens to be a talented graphic artist, an automobile that starts out like this

becomes this (more…)

Scratch Repair

I had a nasty scratch on my back bumper and used a Sonax anti-scratch kit.  (more…)

The Dumbest Auto Review Ever Written

Jeremy Clarkson in the Daily Mail

Fame is a powerful drug that can transform a self-aggrandizing critic into an obnoxious churl.  It explains how Jeremy Clarkson came up with this opening for his review:

Mini Cooper S Clubman
Just what you didn’t want – a turbo toilet

by Jeremy Clarkson

“If you are a frizzy-headed, saggily breasted, left-threaded lunatic, Christmas is not a time for giving or receiving.”

It’s as if he had been sitting on a toilet and looking in the mirror as he unwittingly wrote this self portrait — and a mirror would also explain why he confused “left” and “right.” (more…)

Finding Your Auto Wax

Waxed two months earlier with Dr. Wack A1, washed three days earlier.

Right after I got my Clubman I did a lot of reading and searching about which wax to use.  I narrowed it down to three products (more…)

PDF Clubman Owners Manual

Sometimes it’s handy to have an owners manual on your laptop or PC. (more…)

MINI 50 years – Rebel without Pause

See How Minis Are Produced

The 1.5 Millionth Mini Produced @ Oxford